Resort wear inspired by Moroccon lamps

Moroccan lamp which takes its roots from the Moroccan architecture is the inspiration for this design. Morocoon style has been made popular by the vogue of Riads renovation in Marratech. Moroccan architecture is beautiful, ranging from royal arches to modern buildings lit up with neon lights at night.  Moroccan lamps use typical Moroccan vibrant colors.

Moroccan lamps exhibit patterns that are symmetric, balanced and repeating.These interesting geometric patterns are used to create embroidered garment for a resort wear outfit tending towards a bohemian for the season autumn/winter’15.  It can be worn up & down the sun, be casual at the beach & get trendy at your evenings with just the option given with the layering of outer wear; this becomes a concept that is multi occasional.


Resort wear is a clothing style, as well as a year-round fashion “season”. Sometimes also known as “cruise wear”. More recently, designers, store buyers, and the media are viewing “resort wear” as a specialized year-round clothing style and fashion season.

From walking shorts, kaftans to full-length evening dreses for women and light dinner jackets for men, resort wear is unique in its design and function. Resort wear is generally made from cotton, silk, microfiber, straw and poplin that are easy to pack, lightweight and breathable. They are easy to clean and look great without ironing or fuss, much like the new hair styles that are casual, yet very fashionable. Large hats, sunglasses, open-toed shoes and innovative waistlines complete the look of sun-soaked destinations. The style has already been the subject of small runway shows in New York, Paris and Milan.

Revathy jayanbabu

My Design description: – The ensemble is a two piece garment which consist of beach wear and an outerwear. Beach wear is made in stretchable fabric which takes the shape of the body and the outer wear is made with sheer fabric and the embroidery is used as surface technique. The outer wear will be something which is easy to wear.

My design is derived keeping my inspiration, trend and concept in mind. Silhouette is basic/loose easy to wear still a stylish outfit. The garment has embroidery as surface technique and the colours are the combination of bright and light tones of the same hue. Dark shades will work as the main colour for the garment and the light shades will work as the accent colour. This outfit also involves some cut work along with the embroidery. As mentioned before the aim of this project was to come up with an interesting collection of Resort Wear for the Season Autumn/Winter 2015 – 2016.

OBJECTIVE: Moroccan lamps are my entire source for the outfit, keeping my design updated with trend as well. From my concept of multi occasional garments to choice of colour, fabrics and silhouette, all will be derived from Moroccan lamps. Moroccan lamps from the Moroccan architecture were the one that strike me hard on this concept. Very interesting prints, interesting texture detail and an interesting fusion of Arabic style in a modern context.

revathy jayanbabu

The significance about this outfit is the need for time, money, comfort and style brings in the real need for my concept in the project. This need makes my concept important and significant. Having understood the problems of Resort goers, I have strongly arrived at my concept of multi occasional. This concept allows them to carry less yet have the option of wearing a wide range of clothing that are keeping up with today’s international trend. Having decided my concept I decided to have a search on a related inspiration and that research helped me to come up with this design. I hope this design gives justice to my inspiration.