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I’m not a long time shopper with LUSH cosmetics.  Exactly a year back I started loving one of their unique products and that is “Bath Bomb” and very recently I stocked up on their bubble bars. Lush brings such whimsy, passion, and fun to their products. They make mundane routines enjoyable, exciting, and sometimes even magical.

Revathy Jayanbabu

I love their massage bars, face masks and shower gel but bath bombs are still their specialty, I’ve never quite understood why they’re more popular than their luxuriously foamy and moisturizing bubble bars. But then I saw some Instagramers posting videos of their bath bombs shooting around their tubs, spouting out a rainbow of colors, and I realized I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

I usually fill the tub, jump in, and then toss in the bath bomb. It doesn’t have much room to move around, so I’ve been missing the spectacular show all this time. Thank God for those Instagram videos because I immediately ran into LUSH and picked up two bath bombs that the associate guaranteed would impress. This time, I ran to shower, popped in the bath bombs, and then watched the bombs dance around the tub, spilling out colorful bubbles and foam in swirls of color. After the bath bombs fully dissolved, the tub turned a midnight blue, pink, or wine red, and I tucked in for a good, long soak in the fragrant, moisturizing oils. In the full post, I have reviewed their Luxury Lush Pud and Shoot for the stars bath bombs.


Revathy JayanBabu

REvathy Jayanbabu

This is my favorite bath bomb of the bunch with its sugary sweet fragrance and pastel colors. Lavender oil makes it the perfect goodnight bath bomb, and the fragrance is very soothing and relaxing after a long, stressful day, I thought it’d make for a nice warm bath at night. It creates swirls of pink and saffron in the tub, and after a few minutes the colors swirl into a light blue. This is a seasonal bath bomb for the holidays and would make a great stocking stuff for any girl. It’s just plain pretty, it smells divine, and it’s a simple luxury. Those are all qualities I love and appreciate in a gift.


Revathy Jayanbabu

Revathy Jayanbabu

This bath bomb is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and once you drop it in the tub, it’s easy to see why. It shoots through the water, leaving trails of blue and green behind. The finale is a pink and yellow shooting star that rockets through the water and brings the show to its close. As the colors blend and swirl, the water turns a deep twilight blue for the duration of your bath. It lifts your mood, and the fragrance is decadent and warm. This is another holiday special and a perfect stocking stuff. As the colors blend and swirl, the water turns a deep twilight blue for the duration of your bath. The finale is a pink and yellow colour that rockets through the water and brings the show to its close.  It’s a spooky sort of bath bomb.

I absolutely adored these bath bombs, more than I was expecting to and it is definitely on my shopping list to buy again and again. These are the perfect companion for those wanting a luxurious and sleep-enticing bathing experience and it leaves your skin wonderfully nourished and velvety-soft. I can always smell this on my skin for hours after I have left the bath and it’s a really comforting scent that lingers on your pillow as you fall asleep. Perfect. 

P.S. You can check out LUSH bath bombs in action on their website. On each bath bomb’s page, they have a video of it shooting around the tub, releasing a rainbow of colors, sparkles, flower petals, or whatever whimsical treasures lay within. You can also check out customer photos and videos on Instagram. It’s a great way to get familiar with the different bath bombs and decide which one you want to experience next!