Has anyone tired Dr Scholl- Medi Qtto Sleep wearing slimming socks?

One of my close friend had traveled to Japan about 1 year ago and he introduced few Japanese cosmetic items to me that he had purchased from Japan which were very innovative and useful.

Since then I started browsing more about the products made in Japan and I came across few items which I felt will be useful in my work life and few weeks back I visited the Dragon Mart2 in Dubai (this mall is famous for selling products from China and Japan) in search of these products and finally I found this “Compression Sock/Stockings” in a pharmacy. I did not know any Japanese whatsoever; however the box says something on the lines of “beautiful legs” and “especially designed for your legs at night” which basically sold me immediately! The product name is Dr Scholl-Medi Qtto Sleep Wearing Slimming Socks and the original purpose of the socks is to assist in relaxing your legs.
This is my solution to better circulation, tired leg muscles recovery and the prevent of having tight stiff calf muscles and they also claim that this socks will slim your legs. (Wondering how the slimming part works?)

revathy jayanbabu

It’s been few weeks that I have been using these socks in my daily routine. My legs feel fresh and fantastic in the morning. Once you wear them you will see how they hug your legs and reduce all tiredness. It has become my favourite pamper product now. There have been so many drastic changes to my workplace over the last week, and increasingly I have been wearing high heels everyday to look professional and top of my game!

I love the look of high heels, and wearing them also gives me an instant confidence boost; however they make of feet so sore by the end of the day, and my calf muscles feel really stiff and like they are ready to explode! So this Dr Scholl – Medi QttO Sleep Wearing Slimming Socks has been a big relief to my legs.

revathy jayanbabu

About the product

  • 1 Hot Selling in Japan
  • Highly Recommended by Japanese TV Shows and Fashion Magazines.
  • Material: Nylon, Polyurethane, Cupra
  • Size: L (155 cm~ 165 cm)
  • Recommended for office workers, traveler and standing workers.

Description: – Japan Dr. Scholl MedIotto Sleep and Slim Long Socks is a soft-cotton and three-dimensional cutting curve (open-toe breathable material) stockings with innovative slimming concept (a pressure system) which was tested by Nagoya University in Japan. It is comfortable enough to relieve your leg from swelling and return to its perfect shape during night time! The innovative pressure system of this product gently yet effectively applies graduated compression to improve blood and lymph circulation, which helps soothing tired aching legs, and reducing swelling to slim your legs while you sleep. Graduated compression provides maximum pressure from the ankle; gradually move up along the leg to the knee. It is also ideal for people who need to stand or sit for long hours. Wake up to lighter, slimmer legs!


They come in three sizes, M, L and LL; and sizes are dependent on the length of your legs, therefore people with supermodel length legs (lucky ducks!) you can be assured there are options available to you as well! From your ankles, to your calves and to your thighs there are different levels of compression, therefore it is important to ensure you have the right size so the correct compression for the right areas.

What i liked?

  1. It is really hassle free, just pop it on before bed and that is it. I find that it relieves the pressures of my legs and muscles after a long day at work in high heels. This is the best thing to have for general leg care!
  2. It never breaks! You never really use the socks anywhere but when you are sleeping, so wear and tear is minimal. Investing in a pair once can last you years!
  3. Reduces bulky muscles, However, I find that my legs muscles especially my calf muscles feel very hard and stiff when I spend continuous days in heels. The feeling of hardened muscles make my legs look bulky, and I feel like wearing these helps those muscles relax again into their natural state. So for me I feel like it relaxes the legs, by reduce muscles stiffness.
  4. Prevents swelling in the legs. Good for people who cramp in their sleep or recovery after exercising.
  5. Good for blood circulation.

The inspiration to this post was because I have since purchased a new pair of Dr School-Medi Otto compression sleeping socks from Japan, and casually mentioned to my friend, and she had no idea these existed! These stockings are too amazing to not share!

These compression stockings are also the same reason I have started wearing small compression grade black stockings to work. The relief in my legs is amazing.

PLEASE NOTE: – It can seem like there is no results. I don’t know what expectations one could have on a pair of socks. However, don’t expect miracle slimming in your leg muscles, I would recommend this for general leg care and relief of tired sore legs. If you end up slimming then that is a bonus.