Final Grad Fashion show collection “BOHEMIAN DREAMER”

The collection called Bohemian Dreamer is inspired by Dream catcher which is a new trend in decoration and it takes its roots from Native American tribe. Dream catcher has different parts like web which exhibit patterns that are geometric and repeating in nature. Feathers, threads & beads play a major role in the decoration part.


boho client pofile landscape

                                                              These interesting geometric patterns seen in the web of the dream catcher is been used to create embroidered garments for a resort wear collection  tending towards a classic-bohemian look for the season Spring-summer’16.

5 A combination of dark & light pastels is the colour palette.


The translucency/feel of the features of the dream catcher is conveyed through the use of sheer fabrics.


This resort wear collection which tends towards a bohemian look conveys a care-a-damn attitude of dressing and the market that this collection will focus on is the young generation between 20 to 25 years who is free spirited person from an upper class category who likes to travel.


The Bohemian Dreamer captures the notion of a nomadic free spirit in exotic and carefree garments, all with a relaxed and sophisticated approach. A combination of youthfulness and an amalgamation of jet-set glamour and gypsy free spiritedness.


BOHEMIAN. GYPSY. WANDERER:- A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free spirited and believes in truth, freedom and love.